PeopleSoft 9 Developer Assessment


PeopleSoft 9 Developer Assessment

Skills Assessment

The PeopleSoft 9 Developer test covers all technical aspects of the application development methodology. The questions cover a wide range of topics that will test a PeopleSoft developer regarding basic as well as advanced topics.

The questions cover topics such as the eight step Application Development process, creating records, building tables and views, creating pages and search pages, and creating and registering components. Additional topics such as exporting and importing projects, auditing, and PeopleCode are also represented in the question set. This assessment is appropriate for Peoplesoft 9 Developers that have a year or more experience.

An assessment for PeopleSoft 9 DBA is also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested PeopleSoft Tables
PeopleSoft Application Navigation
Search Pages
Peoplesoft Fundamentals
TableSet Sharing
Application Development
Tasks Tested PeopleTools Tables
Data Normalization
Component Definitions
PeopleSoft Favorites
PS Application Development
Record Field Not in Search Results
Content Reference
PeopleSoft Internet Architecture
Entering Data
Component Definition
Search Field Attributes
Search Mode
Component Assignment
Unable to be Deferred
Deferred Processing
Field Level Auditing
Subrecords and Subpages
Referential Integrity
Summary Pages
Views Metadata Storage
Definition Data Storage
Record Auditing
Component Registration
Page Design Rules
Page Levels
Scroll Areas and Grids
Types of Pages
Online Images
Image Fields and Definitions
Occurs Levels
Fields Added to Transaction Tables
Transaction and Control Tables
TableSet Sharing Configuration
Business Units and SetID Links
Logical Container
Application Development Step
Displaying Record Definitions