QuarkXPress 5 Basics Assessment


QuarkXPress 5 Basics Assessment

Skills Assessment

QuarkXPress, once primarily an application for simple desktop publishing and text-oriented document creation, has evolved with capabilities challenging the veteran typographer, graphic artist and web designer. This test qualifies the level of fundamental knowledge the applicant has with the program to differentiate between those using QuarkXPress primarily for Word processing (administrative assistant) or complex layouts (graphic designer). The assessment includes topical areas such as basic features and functions of the program, incorporating images, setting text styles, creating web documents, and collection for output.

An assessment for Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 is also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 52
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Fundamentals of Typography
Features and Functions
Creating Text Documents and Designing with Type
Text Styles and Formats
Incorporating Images into Text Documents
Creating Layouts for the Web
Print Production and Preflight
Tasks Tested Type Spacing
Letter Structure
Windows and Orphans
Text Leading
Creating Footnotes
Measurement Palettes
Text Paths
Palette Familiarity
Zoom Feature
Usefulness of QuarkXPress
Usefulness of Master Pages
Creating New Documents
Item Menu
Aligning Boxes
Layer Functions
Color Profiles
Spell Checking Client-Specific Terminology
Find/Change Feature
Basic Structure
Application Preferences
Pasting into Item Boxes
Using Content Boxes
Palette Basics
Adjusting Leaning
Linking Text Boxes
New Document Set-up
Adjusting Type Size
Layout Guides
Importing Text
Adjusting Tracking
Adjusting Type Scale
Tab Settings
Character Styles
Style Sheet Controls
Anchoring Items
Types of Runaround Wraps
Placing into Item Boxes
Creating Tables in QuarkXPress
Picture Box Basics
Converting Documents for Web Viewing
HTML Meta Tags
Replacing Missing Fonts
Usage Dialogue
Offset Color