RPG IV [RPG ILE] Assessment


RPG IV [RPG ILE] Assessment

Skills Assessment

RPG (Report Program Generator) is a computer programming language produced by IBM in 1965 for easy production of sophisticated large system reports. This language has evolved over the years with RPG II, RPG III, RPG/400 and RPGIV for the IBM AS/400. IBM AS/400 is a midrange computer system used primarily for running business applications for small and mid-sized companies. RPG and COBOL are the common languages used for writing applications for the AS/400. This test is designed to evaluate a programmer's knowledge of RPGIV, or RPG/LE.

Tests for COBOL 400 and IBM AIX 5.1 Administrator are also available.


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Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Code
Built-In Functions
Definition Specification
Tasks Tested Formatting Numeric Fields
Record Locking
Add Duration
Arrays and Table Declaration
Trim Functions
String Extractions
Bound Calls
Substring Operation
Operation Code Extenders
Formatting Dates
Subtract Duration
Creating Modules
Dynamic Calls
Renaming Fields
Source Member Types
Date Formats
File Specification Keywords
OPTIONS Keyword Options
Allocating Memory
User Open Files
Rename Keyword
CHAIN Operation
Array Processing
%CHAR Built-In Function
Standalone and Constant Definitions
Header Specification Line Description
%EOF Built-In Function
Definition Types
Prefix Keyword Two
Data Structure Types
Prefix Keyword
Binding Directory
Dynamic Binding
Types of Binding
Static Binding
Binding Directory Object Type