SAS 6 - IT Professional Assessment


SAS 6 - IT Professional Assessment

Skills Assessment

Originally referred to as the "Statistical Analysis System," SAS is an integrated set of data management and decision support tools that run on platforms from PCs to mainframes. It includes a complete programming language as well as modules for spreadsheets, CBT, presentation graphics, project management, operations research, scheduling, linear programming, statistical quality control, econometric and time series analysis and mathematical, engineering and statistical applications. It also provides multidimensional data analysis (OLAP), query and reporting, EIS, data mining and data visualization. This test is appropriate to administer to developers working with SAS version 6.

Tests for SAP Database, SAS 9 - Data Analyst and Oracle Applications DBA are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 60
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Definition
Data Step
SAS Procedures
Data Processing
Tasks Tested Variable Types
Naming Rules
Infile Statements
Input Statements
Data Libraries
Code Analysis
Filename Statements
Windows Naming Rules
SAS Dates
Multiple Observations
Drop Statements
Data Set Options
SAS Programming
Numeric Data
External Files
SAS Views
Date Variables
Data Steps