Siebel 7 Assessment


Siebel 7 Assessment

Skills Assessment

Siebel 7 combines the Siebel eBusiness Application functionality with a browser-based user interface via a "zero-install web client". This test is appropriate for candidates seeking employment requiring knowledge of the Siebel 7 application and measures knowledge level of the following subject areas; Siebel tools & data model, access control & security, Siebel 7 overview , architecture/eBusiness platform , installation, workflow & assignment manager

The test addresses basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of knowledge related to Siebel 7.

Tests for E-Commerce Concepts: Architecture and Design and E-Commerce Concepts: Deployment are also available.


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Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Siebel Tools and Data Model
Access Control and Security
Architecture/eBusiness Platform
Workflow and Assignment Manager
Tasks Tested Understanding New Data Storage Structure
Understanding Tag Function
Understanding LOV Configuration
Editing Style Sheets
Understanding Browser Mode Functionality
Browser Mode Configuration
Understanding Web Page Template Function
Registering Web Template File
Understanding Authentication Manager Functionality
Understanding the S_PARTY Table
Understanding Relationship Between S_PARTY and its Extension Tables
Setting Access Control
Understanding S_PARTY_PER Table
Understanding Access Control Party Types
Understanding Master Data Access
Understanding Access Groups
Understanding Universal Time Zone Feature
Understanding Siebel Audit Trail
Understanding Siebel 7 Components
Understanding EAI Connectors
Understanding Connection with Siebel 7
Understanding Siebel Email Response
Understanding Applet Template Functionality
Understanding Image Caching
Understanding View Template Functionality
Understanding Function of Siebel Web Engine
Understanding .srf File Storage
Understanding Architecture Environment
Installing Mobile Web Client
Siebel 7 Installation
Understanding Installers
Installing Siebel Server
Understanding Siebel Enterprise Server Installer
Understanding Application Flow Management
Configure Multi-Tier Assignment Manager
Configure 'Wait Step' in Workflow