SPSS Assessment


SPSS Assessment

Skills Assessment

SPSS (originally called Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a statistical analysis and data management system. The SPSS assessment is designed to assess the test taker's familiarity with entering data, interpreting results, and navigating SPSS. Topics include Data Editor, Transformations and Modifications, Data Entry/Analysis, Reading/Saving Data, and Output/Reporting Results.

While this assessment is applicable for a variety of the SPSS versions currently available, certain questions may be specific to versions 7-11 for Windows.

Assessments for Data Modeling Concepts, Data Warehousing Concepts, and OLAP are also available.


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Total Questions 49
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Miscellaneous
Data Editor
Transformations and Modifications
Data Entry/Analysis
Reading/Saving Data
Output/Reporting Results
Tasks Tested Understanding Degrees of Freedom
Creating and Editing Charts
Null Hypotheses
Quantitative Variables
Measures of Dichotomous Variables
Importing Data
Basic Structure of an SPSS Data File
Dichotomous Variables
Measures of Variables with Ordered Values
SPSS Syntax
Functions of Icons
Data Windows
Customizing Initial Display Variable and Value Labels
Variable Type and Format
Properties of Icons
Defining Variables
Modifying Data Values
User-Defined Missing Values
Numeric Expressions and Modifying Operations
Reorganizing Data
Statistical Procedures for Missing Values
Missing Values Dialog Box
Combining Values
Choosing Data to Explore
Reading an SPSS Data File
Cell Statistics
Identifying Variables
Measures of Central Tendency
Choosing the Appropriate Analysis
Restrictions to Naming Variables
Creating New Variables
Understanding Post-hoc Analyses
Restrictions to Variable Labels
SPSS Data Entry
Understanding Correlation Coefficients
Valid N
Interpreting Significance Levels
Understanding Effect Size
Interpreting Results
Understanding Correlations
Saving Output
Knowledge of Test Values
Saving Data
Knowledge of Underlying Assumptions
Printing Output
Factor Analysis
Codebook/Data Dictionary
Descriptive Statistics