SQL Entry Level Assessment


SQL Entry Level Assessment

Skills Assessment

This SQL Entry Level assessment is designed to assess a test taker's understanding of basic SQL concepts. The test is a mixture of syntax rules as well as practical code examples. Topics covered by this test include select statements, basic DDL (Data Definition Language) statements, functions (single-row and group), joins and subqueries. This assessment is appropriate for test takers that are beginners with less than a year of experience with SQL.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested SELECT statements
DDL (Data Definition Language) Commands
Tasks Tested Where Clause Returned Values
Wildcard Characters
Invalid Comparison Operators
NULL Value Return 0
Union and Union All
WHERE Clause Usage
Set Operator for Retrieving Common Rows
NULL Values
Restrict Rows
Column Aliases
Concatenation Operator
NULL Value Evaluation
Arithmetic Operators
If-Then-Else Function
SQL Syntax Statements
DDL Command
Row Deletion and Storage Space Deallocation
DDL Delete Commands
Orders Table Values
MIN and MAX Group Functions
Single Row Functions
Group Functions and Null Values
TRUNC Function
Group Function Correct Syntax
Group By Column
Date Manipulation Function
Numeric Position of a String
Data Type Conversion Function
Syntax Error
AVG and SUM Group Functions
No Rows Returned with Null Value
Join between Three Tables
Comparison Operators for Subquery
Clause Subquery
Left Outer Join