SQL Server 6.5 Assessment


SQL Server 6.5 Assessment

Skills Assessment

SQL (Structured Query Language) was developed in 1977 and is the standard set language. SQL is an integral part of many client/server applications including Oracle, Sybase and Informix. SQL is a very popular language used to connect database applications with other applications and is extensively used in Client/Server implementations. This test specifically assesses the SQL dialect used in Microsoft's product referred to as SQL Server and would be appropriate to be given to programmers.

Tests for SQL Server 2000 for Developers, SQL Server 2000 DBA and ANSI SQL are also available.


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Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested T-SQL Programming
System Administration
Performance and Tuning
Open Client Programming
Tasks Tested Tables
Select Statement
Select - Order - Compute
Table Structure
Stored Procedures
System variables
Error Messages
Ext-Stored Procedures
Temporary Objects
Select - Group
Incorporating Delays
SQL Executive
Transaction Management
Database Consistency
Data Transfer
Device Management
SQL Mail
Database Management
Data Recovery
Query Optimization
Index Optimizing
Code Optimizing
Data Access Options