Storage Area Network (SAN) Assessment


Storage Area Network (SAN) Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Storage Area Network (SAN) test is designed to assess a test taker's knowledge of core data storage concepts and storage area networks. The assessment focuses on a number of topics including architecture, topology, troubleshooting, RAID types, best practices, SAN protocols, and host configuration. This assessment is appropriate for test takers with a year or more experience with storage area networks.

A Network Applied Storage (NAS) test is also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Topology
RAID Types
Best Practices
SAN Protocols
Host Configuration
Tasks Tested Switcher with Same Domain ID
Fibre Channel Payload
Fibre Channel Maximum Ports
ISL Between Two Switches
Fibre Channel Structure
RAID Type Identification Two Failed Drives
RAID 5 Array Write Penalty
RAID Selection
RAID Group Sizing
RAID Type Identification Parity Drive
RAID Type Identification Dual Parity
Replication RPO
Zoning Type Advantages
Storage Array Port Failure
Exchange Partition Alignment
ISL Port-Channeling
Asynchronous and Synchronous Replication
Single Initiator Zoning
iSCSI Device Discovery
iSCSI Advantage Over Fibre Channel
SAN Fabric Over an IP Link
VSAN Communication Protocols
LUNs and Hosts
Multipath Troubleshooting
VSAN Troubleshooting
Domain Priority
LUN Troubleshooting
Utility to Align Partitions
Preventing Stripe Boundary Disk Writes
Disk Expansion
Default iSCSI Communication Port
MBR Partition Max Size
Interop Limitations
Performance Tuning
SAN Layout
Meta Volume Expansion