Technical Support - IT/Network Assessment


Technical Support - IT/Network Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Technical Support - IT/Network assessment is meant for IT Technical Support and Network Administrators with one or more years of experience. Topics include Internet/Network Support, Windows Support, Technical Support Concepts, and PC Familiarity. The test covers basic information used in troubleshooting PC computers and IP networks. For Technical Support positions that don't focus on Network knowledge, consider the Technical Support Processes.


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Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Internet/Network Support
Windows Support
PC Familiarity
Technical Support Concepts
Tasks Tested IntelliMirror
MTU Size
Remote PC Accessing
URL Addresses
Method for Locating Hardware Addresses
TCP/IP Familiarity
Network Configuration Service
Command Line Work
Performance Characteristics of TCP/IP
MAC Address
Restore TCP/IP
Stub Zone
Use of Special Addresses
DHCP Configuration
Interpret an IP Address
Displaying Network Configuration for Windows
Troubleshooting the Network Route
File Sharing Without the Computer Browser Service
Automatic Private IP Addressing
DNS Queries
Repairing Corrupted Winsock Settings
Check Processes in Windows
TNEF Issues
Tattooing the Registry
Active Directory Connection
Troubleshooting with Device Manager
Application Responding Poorly
FAT/NTFS Concepts
Creating Hard Disk Partitions
Interpreting BIOS Noises
Uninstalling Software Properly
Debugging a Difficult Installation
POST Code Card
Threads and Computer Process
First Distinction for a Service Call
Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
Handling Windows OS Degradation
Troubleshooting Startup Issues
Interpreting a Safe Mode Boot