TestDirector 8.0 Assessment


TestDirector 8.0 Assessment

Skills Assessment

TestDirector 8.0 is a test management web application. This assessment focuses on such topics as Test Execution, Test Design, TestDirector Knowledge, TestDirector Administrator, Defect Life Cycle, and Defect Life Cycle. This test would be appropriate to administer to a Test Engineer, Test Analyst, or TestDirector Administrator.

Assessments for LoadRunner 6.0 and WinRunner 7.6 are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 45
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested TestDirector Knowledge
Test Design
Defect Life Cycle
Test Execution
Test Analysis
TestDirector Administrator
Tasks Tested TestDirector Versions Knowledge
TestDirector Rules
Duplicate Bugs
Test Lead Qualities
Signing Records
TestType Mechanisms
TestDirector Tool GUI
TestDirector and Quality Center Differences
Integrate TestDirector with Mercury Interactive
Test Management Processes
Open Test Architecture
Automated Test Type
Test Planning Skills
Test Planning Skills for System Test
Defect Tracking
Importance of Favorite
Closed Defect
Attaching an Attachment to Various Test Processes.
TestDirector Custom Test Type
Test Run Schedule
TestDirector Test Lab Module
TestDirector User Defined Fields
TestDirector GUI
Reports in Requirements Module
Test Analysis Skills of a Test Lead
TestDirector Email Support
TestDirector Timeout
Locked Fields with Defects
TestDirector System Table
TestDirector Virtual Directory
Viewing TestDirector Licenses
Electronic Signatures
E-Signature Reserved Fields
Site Administrator Data