Transact SQL Assessment


Transact SQL Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Transact SQL assessment measures the understanding of TSQL. Questions are based on both syntax and theory and are asked about various TSQL components, including DDL, DML, performance tuning, and administration. This test is reflective of the skill set typically required by Database Programmers, Database Programmer/Analysts, Data Warehouse Specialists, and TSQL programmers.

Assessments for ANSI/SQL and SQL Server are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Basic Query Components
Advanced Query Concepts
Tasks Tested Using Relational Operators
TSQL Syntax
Where Clause
Basic Query Syntax
Manipulating Results
Group by Clause
Identifying Structures
Filtering Results
Understanding the * Symbol in a Select Clause
Relational Operators
Query Components
Case Statements
Null Functions
Break and Continue
Identifying Statements
Procedure Logic
Outer Joins
Correlated Sub Queries
Sub Queries
Restricting Result Sets
Evaluating a Query
TSQL Objects
Advantages in Indexing
Variable Creation
Altering a Column
DDL Implications
Finding Errors and Why
Transversing Your Data