UNIX Users Assessment


UNIX Users Assessment

Skills Assessment

This UNIX Users test covers a wide range of questions from a user perspective concerning the UNIX environment. The topics covered include files and directories, file editors, ownership and permissions, file and shell commands, and system information. It is appropriate to administer this assessment to beginner and intermediate programmers who have over one year of experience with UNIX.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 37
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Files and Directories
File Editors
Ownership and Permissions
Tasks Tested Hidden File Name
List Root Directory Information
Command to Create Multiple Subdirectories
Command to Compare Contents
Command to Remove Directory
Command to List All Files
Command to Copy a File with Prompt
Command to Append Output
Hard Links
Command to Count Line Number
Command to Display File Content
Awk Command
Command to Return Home
Command to Find Summer.txt
Command to Add Blank Line in Vi
Command to Undo Changes in Vi
Command to Quit without Saving
Command to Add Text in Vi
Unmask Number
Chgrp Command
Command to Grant Permissions
Chmod Command
Chown Command Flag
Finger Command
Command for a New Login Shell
Head Command
Grep Command End of Line Match
Sort Command
Sed Command
Command for Side by Side File Comparison
Command for File Systems and Sizes
Command for OS and Release Level
Command for Word Search
Grep Command Beginning of Line Match
Grep Command
Command to Redirect Output
Fixing a Split