Visual C++ 2010 Assessment


Visual C++ 2010 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Visual C++ 2010 assessment is designed to assess the test takers knowledge of Visual C++ 2010 with an emphasis on C++ concepts. Topics covered on this test include the compiler, arrays, CLI program, threading, COM, ATL, MFC, Visual C++ fundamentals, object-oriented programming, and the C++ language and syntax. This test is appropriate for experienced test takers that have used Visual C++ 2010 for at least two years.


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Total Questions 37
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Compiler
Visual C++ Fundamentals
C++ Language and Syntax
Object-Oriented Programming
C++/CLI Program
Tasks Tested Compiler Functionality
Compiler and Linker
Target Platform for Compiler
Event Message Menu Class
Button Click Functionality
Synchronized Objects
Standard Controls
Print Upside Down Text
Sharing Resources
First-In, First-Out
Reduced Processing for Threads
Left Mouse Button Down
Message for Paint Request
Event Message for a Pop-up Menu
Mouse Message
Data Type Synonyms
String Collection
Event Message Sent to Window Message Queue
Constant Pointer and Object
Device Context
Macros - Range of Command IDs
MFC Classes
COM Memory Routines
CDocument Function to Ensure Empty Document
Dialog Boxes to Stop Application Processing
Macros - DLL Export
Class Object Pointer
CRT Memory Routines
Code Output
Virtual Methods and Properties of Stream Class
Static Constructor
Reserved Double-Word Keywords
Class - Register Events