VMware ESX 4.1 Assessment


VMware ESX 4.1 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This VMware ESX 4.1 assessment is designed to assess a test taker's understanding of the everyday use of VMware ESX with questions pertaining to Windows and Linux operating systems. Topics covered by this test include VMware rollout, installation, tools, specifications, processes, and general troubleshooting. This assessment is appropriate for experienced VMware ESX 4.1 users with a year or more experience with the program.


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Total Questions 49
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested VMware ESX Rollout
VMware Specifications
VMware Tools
VMware Installation
VMware Processes
VMware ESX Troubleshooting
Tasks Tested VMware ESX Administration Tool
VMware Third Party Security
VMware ESX Virtual Memory
Migration Errors for vMotion
VMware Guest OS Windows 7
Reason to Implement VMware ESX
VMware ESX Microsoft Template
Linux Drivers
Virtual Switches on a VMware ESX Server
Datastore for vMotion
VMware Datastore
VMware System Protection
VMware 64-bit Memory Support
VMware ESX Fibre Channels
VMware Guest OS Linux
VMware CPU Core Support
VMware Virtual CPU Support
Virtual Network Adapters MAC Addresses
VMware Processor Limit
VMware OS Support
Virtual Network Adapters for vMotion
VMware Virtual Machine Transfer
VMware ESX Disk Images
VMware ESX Troubleshooting Tool
Non-VMware Virtual Machines
Virtual Machine Backup
VMware Network Partition Tool
VMware Service Console
Virtual Center Users and Groups
Virtual Center Service
VLAN Tagging Modes
VI Client Issues
VMware Cloud-Based Platform
License Server Tool
VMware Tools Linux Configuration
VMware Partitions
VI Client Installation
Guest OS Proper Function
VMKcore Directory
Virtual Disk Commands
VMware Virtual Center Service Issue
VMware ESX Trace Connections
Firewall Log
VMware ESX Server Management Processes
License Server Not Starting
Virtual Center Server Stoppage
Guest OS Linux
VMware Virtual Disk Commands
License Server Log Location