Web Commerce Security Assessment


Web Commerce Security Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Web Commerce Security test is designed to assess the knowledge of test takers concerning the security and security breaches with a Web site that deals with customer and business transactions. The topics covered include PCI compliance, prevention, exposure, encryption, and data obfuscation. It is appropriate to administer this assessment to test takers with a year or more experience with Web commerce security.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 35
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Compliance
Tasks Tested PCI Validation Requirements
Credit Cards Hidden Characters
PCI Credit Card Max Digits
PCI Data Storage
XSS Techniques
Image with Text
Vulnerability Scan
Email and Blacklisted ISPs
XSS Prevention
Security Breach
Web Site Tracking
Cyber Security Organization
Hacker Database Access
SQL Injection
Command Line Statement
Username and Password Attack
Exposure Point Testing
Limiting Connections
Web Site Attack
Third Party Code
Reduce Risk with Passwords
Pentest Conductor
Reducing Exposure
Encryption String of Characters
Cracked Encryption Algorithms
Secure Tunnel
Query String
One-Way Encryption
Manipulating Data to Protect Content
Encrypted Passwords
Encrypted Multiple Times