WebLogic Portal 7.0 Assessment


WebLogic Portal 7.0 Assessment

Skills Assessment

The WebLogic Portal is a J2EE compliant Web infrastructure, allowing deployment of scalable and secure multi-tier Web applications and services. This test is intended to verify the knowledge of that system. All questions can be assumed to pertain to WebLogic Portal 7.0 unless otherwise, specifically, noted. This test will measure skills and proficiency with WebLogic Portal administration and development.

Tests for J2EE, Java Enterprise Development and Java Server Pages are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Administration
Tasks Tested Portlet Entitlements
Placeholders for Email Content
Administrator User Name
Administrative User Rights
Synchronization Privileges
Database Support
Modification of Customer Segments
Portal Connection
Selection Rules Editor
Skins and Layouts
Debugging Options for Campaigns
Administration Tools Functionality
Portlet Attribute
Group Portal
Defining Campaigns
Active Campaigns
E-Business Control Center
Administration Tools
Portlet Editor
E-Business Control Center Files
Image Files
Administrative Server
Taglib Jar Files
Two Phase Commit
Using Commerce Credit Card
WLPDocs Services
Domain Configuration
Custom Templates
Creating a Domain Template
Custom Layouts
New Portal
Shared Environment
Web Service
Help Page
Bulk Loader
Input Processor
Domain Visibility
Webflow Editor Tools
Event tool