WebSphere Application Server 7 Assessment


WebSphere Application Server 7 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test covers the basic and advanced topics of WebSphere Application Server Version 7. The question topics chosen for this test include installation of the application server, WebSphere architecture, installing applications, configuring security, and performance monitoring/tuning. This test is appropriate to administer to candidates that have a year or more experience working with WebSphere Application Server 7.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 41
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Installation
Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Administrative Architecture
Administering Application Servers
WebSphere Variables
Tasks Tested Installation Directory
Installation Topologies
Application Client
Installation Planning
Tuning Advisor
Tracking Individual Transactions
Performance Tuning
Maximum Throughput and Stability
Dynamic Cache
Collecting Performance Data
Backup and Restore
Tivoli Peformance Viewer
Change Permissions
Management Profiles
Application Server Profile
Policy Sets
File Structure
Administering Nodes
Administrative Agent
Changing Host Names
Session Timeout
Common Networking Service
Hot Deployment
Virtual Hosts
Install Enterprise Application Files
Shared Libraries
Restarting in Recovery Mode
WebSphere Variable
IBM Toolbox
String Configuration Attribute
Roles for Updating Policy Sets
Administrative and Application Security
Security Roles
Secure Environment
Authentication Mechanism
Multiple Security Domains