WinRunner 6.02 Assessment


WinRunner 6.02 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is intended to gauge the test taker's working knowledge of WinRunner 6.02. The test covers such topics as test scripting language and functions, synchronization, installation, and data-driven testing. This test is appropriate for those with 3 years of experience using WinRunner 6.02.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 30
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Running Test
Testing Modes
Installing and Working in WinRunner
Rapid TestScript Wizard
Data Driven Function
Importing Database Values to a Data Table
Remote Execution from Test Director
Working with Tests in a TestDirector Project
TSL Language
Test Run
Web Test
User-Defined Function
Array Parameter
Compiled Module
Data-Driven Test
Command Line Option
ConText Sensitive Functions
Tasks Tested Rapid Test Script Wizard
Run Mode
Record Test
Version Compatible
Rapid Test Script Wizard with WinRunner add-ins
TSL Functions
Types of Checkpoints
Testing Data-Driven values
Run Batch Test
TSL with Test Director
Winrunner with Test Director Project
Arithmetic Function
Extern Function Declaration
Executing enclosed TSL statements
Concatenation Operator
Handling Exceptions
Invoke Browser and Site
Scope of Function
Array Modes
Module of Frequently Used Functions
Synchronizing the Test Run
Creating Data-Driven Test
Working with Test Director
ConText Sensitive Functions
ActiveX Method/Functions